Franchise Loans

Thinking of buying a franchise?

We have loan solutions from 50%-80% of the the franchise cost available depending on your situation.

When you buy a stand-alone business or franchise, it’s essential to carry out your own checks to verify that the previous owner or franchisor has a solid underlying business system.

To assist with your decision on purchasing a franchise we have some important things for your to consider before your final decision

Key financial information

  • Check the financial statements
  • Tax Returns
  • Profit and Loss statements
  • Tax returns if possible also
  • Projected sales and method used to calculate them


  • Rent
  • Franchise fees
  • Advertising and marketing cost
  • Fit out and equipment cost
  • Royalties cost
  • Legal cost

Legal, compliance and contractual issues

  • Is the franchisor involved in any current or potential litigation?
  • Get your lawyer to check the franchise agreement.
  • What are the restrictions on selling, staffing, pricing and supply arrangements?


  • Is a lease involved?
  • If so, check the lease. Is there a right to renew?

Track record

  • How long has the franchise business been established?
  • Does it comply with the mandatory Franchising Code of Conduct?